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How to use the handheld microphone transmitter correctly

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-04-06

Too many people are critical of the sound quality of the microphone itself, thinking that as long as they have a valuable microphone or feel satisfied with their own auditions, they can get satisfactory sound effects, but they don't know how to guide users how to use the microphone correctly to achieve the best sound quality of the microphone.

The microphone is only part of the sound effect of the entire audio system. If the user does not know enough about the matching, adjustment and operation of the microphone and other audio equipment, even with a world-class microphone, it is difficult to play its sound effect!

How to use the wireless microphone correctly, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. The posture of holding the microphone is very simple. Just remember one important principle: no matter how you hold it, don’t hold it on the net head of the microphone; the correct posture should be held on the tube of the microphone.

2. Grasping two wireless microphones with one hand is the most serious mistake: because when two transmitters with different frequencies are used close together, it will produce harmonic interference of internal modulation distortion. The closer or the more the frequency, the interference The more serious.

3. The distance between the wireless microphone and the mouth: For singers with insufficient voice throat strength, can’t take the microphone too far away from the mouth, and turn on the loudspeaker volume, which will easily lead to feedback sound; singers with loud throat, don’t need to take it The microphone is too close to the mouth, which will easily lead to excessive saturation and distortion of the amplifier.

4. Avoid using the wireless microphone facing the speaker: Generally, the wireless microphone used for singing uses a directional sound head. If you do not understand the directionality of your microphone and use it facing the speaker, it will easily cause feedback. Loud noise.

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