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What kinds of microphones are used for speeches and meetings, and how should they be used?

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Whether it is an interview or a speech, it is mainly to use sound to inform, inspire and attract the audience. If there is a problem with the microphone, it will be a bit embarrassing.
In a speech by a very well-known big guy, because the microphone settings were not in place, a small episode appeared. Of course, his on-site handling was very decent!
Therefore, the choice of microphone type and the way the microphone is used are vital to the presentation of the speaker's voice. Just like laptops, slide design and presentation materials, they are all key parts of a presentation.
Since it may not be known in advance which microphone will be used, the speaker needs to be very familiar with the main microphone types.

Podium microphone
Pay attention to the height and angle of the microphone and the position of the speaker
Many demonstration rooms are equipped with a flexible gooseneck microphone installed on the podium or podium. The speaker can do two things first when speaking:
First adjust the height and angle of the microphone
Point it at your head, not your chest or shoulders. If there is a significant height difference from the previous speaker, the microphone position is not appropriate, the volume will be low, and it may even be obscured.
Second, the speaker stands in front of the microphone
Rather than the position next to the podium or the screen or whiteboard, this can prevent the audience below the stage from hearing the speaker's voice.

Lavalier microphone
The chest pocket is better positioned, avoid wearing long ornaments
For the host, the most common and convenient is the wireless lavalier microphone, the arm can move freely, and can walk around without sacrificing sound quality. The miniature microphone can be clipped to clothes, and the wireless transmitter can be clipped to a belt or put in a pocket. In order to get a clear sound, the ideal position of the microphone is approximately in the chest pocket. have to be aware of is:
Make sure the position is suitable and avoid long hanging ornaments
If the position is too high, the shadow effect of the chin will make the sound sound dull; if the position is too low, the volume will be lowered and the audience's attention will be lost. Also, avoid wearing long necklaces, which may generate noise or impact the microphone.
Turn off the microphone before and after the speech

Before and after the lecture, remember to turn off the microphone to avoid broadcasting private discussions and other non-public conversations to the audience. Even if you can deal with it calmly like that famous boss, you must keep this in mind!

Headset microphone
Feedback risk is small, avoid placing in front of or under the nose and mouth
In a large room with a large audience, it is sometimes difficult for a lavalier microphone to adjust the volume to a sufficient level without generating feedback. The solution is to choose a head-mounted microphone.
The headset microphone is equipped with a thin boom that can place the microphone element on the side of the mouth. Since the microphone is closer to the sound source, there is less risk of feedback.
Make sure that the microphone is not placed directly in front of the mouth or directly below the nose, otherwise you may pick up distracting breathing noise. You can perform a sound test in advance to ensure that everything is normal.

Handheld microphone
Adjust the microphone position according to the speaker’s style
The handheld wireless microphone allows the speaker to better control the sound!
If you are an energetic speaker, you can move the microphone closer to the mouth and lower the volume of speech to get a more intimate voice; if the speaker needs to emphasize loudly, you can move the microphone a few inches away to avoid A row of listeners "exploded" their seats.
The handheld microphone also has a powerful "rock and roll" effect that many presenters love. In order to obtain a consistent sound, you can keep the microphone head in the center of the chest pocket level and speak into the microphone; do not shake the microphone during speech, and do not slide down during use.

Record your own speech
Before a formal speech, record your own speech. You can hear some unexpected things from the recording, and learn which microphones and positions are suitable for your voice and expression style.
On-site communication with technicians
On-site, you can communicate with sound engineers or AV technicians to find out the type of microphone suitable for your use. If you are more comfortable with a specific type of microphone, you can ask for it. Most sound engineers appreciate those speakers who fully consider sound effects.
Walk around the lecture venue
Carry the microphone around the room. If you are using a wireless handheld or lavalier microphone, you must ensure the sound quality no matter where you are, and ensure that your actions will not be picked up by the microphone (such as breathing or rustling of clothes). At the same time, don't ignore the listeners in the back row.
The goal of the speaker is to provide clear and understandable audio so that the information can be conveyed accurately. Fully familiar with the above four common presentation microphones can prepare the speaker at any time to present extraordinary sound effects!

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