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What does the microphone large diaphragm/medium diaphragm/small diaphragm mean and how do I choose it?

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What diaphragm size is important Capacitive microphones and dynamic microphones are classified according to the size of their microphone heads. Traditionally, there are two categories: large diaphragms and small diaphragms; The medium diaphragm microphone (relatively new development) can be considered a mixture of a large diaphragm microphone and a small diaphragm microphone
Usually large diaphragm is good at low frequency, transient slow, suitable for recording medium frequency or low frequency instruments, while small diaphragm is good at high frequency, transient fast, suitable for recording high music.

Large diaphragm microphone 
Diaphragm size: 1 inch-1.25 inches, equivalent to 25mm-31mm
Sound characteristics: transients are relatively slow, the larger the diaphragm, the less obvious the head, medium/low frequency pick-up is good, ultra-high frequency is slightly weaker
Application: Mainstream vocal and medium/low frequency acoustic instrument recording

Small diaphragm microphone 
Diaphragm size: 0.5 inches, equivalent to 12mm
Sound characteristics: transient fast, strong head (easy to overload), low frequency slightly weaker, high frequency response high quality
Applications: Medium/high frequency acoustic instruments, shelf drum Overhead and ambient recording

Compared with larger diaphragm microphones, small diaphragm microphones are more widely used, and they have greater demand in many situations. Their precise and accurate responsiveness comes from smaller and lighter diaphragms and is no doubt suitable for acoustic guitars, 镲-pieces, harp or other instruments with strong transient response and large overtones, such as C451B, permeable sound, high sound pressure tolerance and improved production processes to pick up high-intensity sound sources at close range without distortion. Suitable for drumming, perslecing, box and string music.

Medium diaphragm microphone 
Diaphragm size: 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch
The definition of a medium diaphragm microphone is also one of the more controversial topics at present. Historically, microphones with large diaphragms and small diaphragms have not yet formed a definitive upper and lower limit on the diameter of their diaphragms. But most professionals and manufacturers believe that microphones with a diaphragm diameter between 5/8 and 3/4 inches are mid-diaphragm microphones.

In general, medium diaphragm microphones perform well in accurately capturing transient and high-frequency components (like small diaphragms), while making a slightly fuller, rounder and possibly warmer sound (like large diaphragms).

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