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What are the use occasions of the microphone

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Before choosing a microphone, we also need to clarify our purchase purpose, whether it is used for professional recording, family KTV, live show, etc. Because of different usage requirements, the technical indicators and performance of microphones are very different.

Microphone Microphone

Professional recording: To record professional-level recordings, you need to use a high-quality microphone that is suitable for human voices. Condenser microphones can provide clearer and more stable sound, which is more suitable for professional-level recordings. In addition, if you need to perform radio recording, it is recommended to use a smaller diaphragm for more accurate radio; if you want to make the sound warmer and thicker, and reduce undesirable sound recording, it is recommended to use a larger diaphragm.

Home KTV: The environment of home KTV is relatively noisy, and many amateur singers use their voices to hum, so it is better to choose a wireless microphone with sound effects and tuning for K song at home. If it has playback and real-time listening , It comes with functions such as reverberation, delay, dodge, sound processing, etc. It is also very convenient to connect to mobile phones, computers, stereos, smart TVs, etc. That would be better.

Live SHOW: For live broadcast, microphone requirements are very high. It is necessary to choose a microphone with low delay, wide pickup range, high sensitivity, and good sound quality. The sound quality and sensitivity of condenser microphones are basically better than those of dynamic microphones. They can record more overtone elements and more details. They are suitable for use in a noise-free environment, and are more suitable for anchors of karaoke and game live broadcasts.

Conference/Game: Generally, for conferences and games, a microphone with good performance, clear sound quality, and noise resistance can meet the requirements. Generally speaking, the microphones commonly used in these two scenarios are vertical microphones. When purchasing, you can choose the one that can adjust the volume and the angle of the stand.

Recording microphone

In general professional recordings, condenser microphones are often selected, which have good vocal recording directions. Filtering and fixed-value attenuation can be set to improve the sound quality. It can also record more overtone elements and more details. For example, professional recording studios basically use condenser microphones. Come to record.

Purchasing points: If you are singing and recording, you can choose professional large-diaphragm and medium-diaphragm condenser microphones to obtain professional-quality recording effects, but the recording environment is very demanding, and there should be no background noise and obvious echo; if it is recording voice , Such as radio dramas, dubbing, podcasts, you can choose a gun-shaped small-diaphragm condenser microphone dedicated for dubbing, which can easily record your voice and not easily record background noise.

Live microphone
Network anchors, especially online K song live broadcasts, have very high requirements for microphones. They need low delay, wide pickup range, high sensitivity, and good sound quality. Like ordinary computer voice microphones, they are completely non-use standards, otherwise they are good talents. Will be spoiled by your equipment.

Purchasing points: The live microphone is generally mainly condenser microphone. Maigoo editor recommends choosing a large diaphragm, the sound quality will be better. Taking into account the convenience of live broadcast, it is best to use it together with the microphone hanger, which can free your hands and facilitate live broadcast interaction.

Conference microphone
Conference rooms usually need to be bright, clear, and moderate in loudness. Therefore, in addition to the sensitivity of the microphone, the matching of the output impedance and the input impedance of the mixer and other electro-acoustic indicators, the directional characteristics and frequency of the microphone should also be considered when selecting the microphone. Sound characteristics and the shape of the microphone.

Purchasing points: The microphone used by the conference host must have certain functions such as anti-echo and whistling, strong expansion, etc. It is recommended to choose a capacitive goose with wide frequency response, uniform frequency response transmission characteristics, smoothness, and low distortion. Neck cardioid microphone or omnidirectional microphone.

K song microphone
Generally, the karaoke environment is relatively noisy, and it is prone to noise and echo. Therefore, karaoke microphones require good sound generation frequency and less noise, which can restore the original sound quality. In addition, considering the convenience of use, wireless microphones are usually more popular in karaoke situations.

Purchasing points: Whether the mobile phone K song microphone is compatible with the mobile phone terminal, whether it can reduce the noise caused by vibration, whether it can adjust a variety of sound effects; whether it is equipped with a special microphone holder and a blowout prevention network system; KTV, sing it , Family karaoke microphones are generally better to choose wireless microphones with sound effects and tuning, mostly cardioid and super cardioid dynamic microphones.

Game microphone
E-sports game voice does not have particularly high requirements for microphone performance. Generally, a microphone with good performance, clear sound quality, anti-noise, and adjustable volume can meet the requirements and ensure the quality of calls with teammates without external interference.

Purchasing points: gaming microphones are usually integrated with gaming headsets, mostly headsets equipped with microphones, and the sound quality pays more attention to special rendering capabilities and accurate positioning capabilities, giving players an immersive experience A sense of shock on the spot.

USB Microphone:

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