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Teach you to choose a microphone (types, characteristics and applicable scenarios of microphones)

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What types of microphones are there?

The current mainstream microphones are roughly divided into 3 types!
1. Tracked microphone
Noble track microphone
Features: Better high frequency than moving coil, no need for internal and external power supply, fragile and easy to break, care must be taken when using, relatively very expensive, suitable for big music players.
Applicable occasions: recording cymbals, recording pianos, electric guitars, brass tubes

2. Dynamic microphone
Typical dynamic microphone
Features: durable, cheap, not afraid of tide, no need for external power supply, high frequency deterioration above 10Khz
Applicable occasions: live recording, snare drum recording, guitar recording, recording narration, broadcasting
The dynamic microphone is the microphone microphone used in our meeting room or KTV singing. The dynamic microphone picks up a cardioid direction, which has the advantage of being less affected by ambient noise. Generally, it is very effective when performing on stage or singing karaoke. Then outdoor anchors and interviews can also be recorded with dynamic microphones, and street noise will be filtered out a lot, which is unmatched by condenser microphones.
The working principle of a dynamic microphone is roughly that when the membrane vibrates, it will cut the magnetic lines of induction to generate current. Then output the current to the recording device and it becomes sound data. (Sound data can be heard through reverse amplification of things such as speakers)
Dynamic microphones are relatively insensitive to sound pressure and high frequencies. The advantage is that the cost is low, and it is more suitable for outdoor live broadcasting, interviews, and recording musical instruments such as drums and electric guitars.

3. Condenser microphone
Classic style condenser microphone
Features: low frequency and high frequency are better, need internal and external power supply, sensitive response, easy to be affected by humidity and temperature
Applicable occasions: recording cymbals, drums, pianos, acoustic guitars, vocals, strings
Condenser microphones are the type of microphones currently preferred by broadcasters. It has a very high sensitivity compared to dynamic microphones. Therefore, it is suitable for places such as studios, recording studios, and indoor environments that have almost harsh environmental requirements, otherwise almost all the sounds you can hear can be recorded. The working principle of a condenser microphone is to generate an electrical signal through an ultra-thin metal coating inside the microphone, and then transmit it. Its pickup direction is compared with the dynamic microphone except for the cardioid, as well as the figure-eight, omnidirectional, and super-cardioid pickup directions.
Good (expensive) condenser microphones require 48V AC power supply. A few will use batteries for energy supply. Phantom power is popular in live broadcast circles. Its working principle is roughly that when there is sound pressure, the pressure causes diaphragm vibration, which compresses or expands the space between the electrode (Slotted Elctrode) with a small hole and the diaphragm, resulting in AC voltage. Output through capacitor C1.

It can be seen from the above that which microphone the anchors choose depends mainly on the type of use they choose, the type is wrong, and no matter how much money is spent, it will be useless. After selecting the microphone type, you can purchase it according to the cost-effectiveness and sound quality requirements, listen to the recording effect with your ears, and choose a microphone that suits your own sound quality requirements and price.

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