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Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of large diaphragm microphones

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Advantages and disadvantages of large diaphragm microphones
The sound is exquisite, the degree of reproduction is high, and the noise is small, suitable for human voices/musical instruments. Because high-precision is mostly used in high-end microphones, it has become a gimmick for many microphone merchants to sell in various posters.


Because the pickup is very precise, it is easy to break and is easily affected by saliva and moisture, so the maintenance requirements are relatively high!

Dissecting the large diaphragm of the microphone

About the difference between a large diaphragm and a small diaphragm
Mainly 0.6 inches as the dividing line.

The difference from traditional intuitive imagination is that the diaphragm area does not significantly affect the sensitivity of the microphone. For example, the diameter of the silicon microphone diaphragm in mobile phones is less than 1mm, and the sensitivity and recording effect are not weaker than traditional condenser microphones. Under the same structure, the large diaphragm has low noise for recording songs, while the small diaphragm has better high-frequency response. This is the main difference between the large diaphragm and the small diaphragm! Of course, to a certain extent, the Helmholtz resonance of the air cavity becomes a bottleneck that limits the high-frequency bandwidth.

Features of small diaphragm
In addition, small diaphragms generally suppress mechanical noise better, such as notebook hard disk noise, keyboard noise, etc., so small diaphragms are mostly used in notebooks and mobile phone microphones. As for the transient response, there is a fundamental difference between a microphone and a loudspeaker. The microphone works completely in a flexible control area, and the sound pressure can be considered quasi-static for the microphone, so the transient response is almost not a problem in the working range. It is not possible to apply the law of the transient characteristics of the loudspeaker to the microphone for granted.

The main function of the microphone: record the original sound
  In addition, the microphone does not actually play the role of modifying the sound effect, which is also different from the speaker and receiver. The function of the microphone is only to record the sound signal faithfully. The change of the sound signal by the microphone is not called "modification", but called linear distortion. The speakers/receivers of different brands and specifications always have different frequency response characteristics, resulting in different sense of hearing (distortion). Of course, the speaker/receiver can also make the frequency response as straight as possible, which is called a monitor speaker/monitor earphone. In the field of acoustics, microphones are not as grounded as speaker headsets. Many enthusiasts directly apply the knowledge of speaker headsets to understand microphones, but they bring out a lot of misunderstandings!

With the advancement of technology, microphones are becoming more and more compact and multifunctional. Some microphones (such as Singba C1 and AQUA live microphones) have built-in sound card chips, which can beautify, reverberate and change the sound signal while recording the sound. Waiting for processing, can no longer simply call it a microphone!

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