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On the importance of audio cables in the matching of audio equipment

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-03-18

1. To play audio, first of all, audio equipment is more important
It is said that your set of audio equipment is not suitable for you. It is very difficult to adjust the sound and listening style you think you like through the cable. At the same time, the cable will not bring your sound system back to life. Only your audio equipment is matched, the collocation is balanced, and you like the sound very much, the audio equipment is determined to match the cable. Between the equipment and the wire, I personally think that the equipment is the most important. If the audio equipment is not done well, the rest will not be discussed.

Second, it is very important to burn the wire after the new wire is repurchased

After the new line is bought back, it will take a long time like the equipment to fully utilize the strength and effect of the cable itself. Some wires take months or a year or longer to achieve the best results. This is why the writers of audio magazines in Taiwan and Hong Kong have to listen to audio equipment or cables for a long time before writing comments.

3. Not all wires produced by all famous brand manufacturers are the best
1. The effects of different grades of wires produced by different brand manufacturers are very different. The actual use effect of his flagship product and his low-end wire is very big. Of course, the price is also very different.
2. Some of the wires produced by different brand manufacturers may have only one or two products that are the best, while other products are not so good.

Fourth, the same kind of thread is used in different positions and the effect is very different. For example, the AS grindstone power cord is better for audio sources and decoders, but it must not be used for power amplifiers; the snake king power cord with sand is suitable for CD turntables, and the cord without sand is suitable for power amplifiers. If you use the line where it shouldn't be used, it is definitely counterproductive.

5. There is a big difference between the new and old models of wires produced by different brand manufacturers (of course the prices are also different), and the effect of use is also very different.

6. If you buy fake thread or high imitation thread, you will mistakenly think that the wire produced by this brand manufacturer is not good and you will be disappointed. Don’t blame other manufacturers if you buy this kind of thread, and don’t say that the products made by other manufacturers are too bad. I also remind enthusiasts that when buying high-priced wires, it is best to compare with the wires sold by regular agents. You will find that some wires will be compared with the original production lines sold by regular agents in terms of appearance and packaging. , The sense of hearing is completely different.

7. Don't make short-term blind listening and switching when comparing different brands of wire materials. I think this method is the least scientific, the least desirable, and it is pure nonsense. (You tell me to listen, I can't hear it all at once, I can only talk nonsense). Any audio equipment and cable have a running-in period. You switch before the audio equipment and cable are in the best state. Can you hear the best performance and the real thing of the audio equipment? My personal method is: No matter what Cable (you can also wrap the cable so that you don’t know what brand, grade and price it is) You connect to your own familiar audio system, listen for a few days and then change it, and then compare it with your original cable , You will find that the difference is very big and very obvious. And after the comparison, you will be very clear about what you want and what you don’t want.

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