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About the KTV wireless microphone

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-03-12

With the development of science and technology and the progress of the times, the quality and functions of wireless microphones are getting better and better, and the price is declining. The use of wireless microphones is becoming more and more popular with consumers. In addition, with the development of the KTV industry in the direction of scale and high-end, the application of wireless microphones in the KTV industry is also extremely extensive, but the corresponding technical problems also plague suppliers and users of KTV audio equipment. Now let’s talk about the KTV wireless microphone.

1. Regarding the interference of KTV wireless microphones. When purchasing a wireless microphone, you should avoid the frequency of the microphone being the same as the transmitting frequency of the local TV station. When purchasing multiple wireless microphone systems, it should also be noted that the frequency of each system cannot be repeated to avoid mutual interference when the frequency overlaps. When using multiple sets of wireless microphone systems, if it is the same series of products, it is best to use an antenna splitter if possible to minimize the mutual interference between the antennas. If there is no antenna splitter, the wireless microphone should be received first The antenna of the receiver is adjusted to the best position, and then placed in parallel, keeping a proper distance between each wireless microphone receiver (the antennas on each receiver cannot touch each other), so that each receiver has a better In order to improve the directivity of the wireless receiver, avoid mutual interference between frequencies to obtain a better wireless signal. In addition, it is best to install an extended antenna or an active amplification antenna for large-scale performances to improve the receiving effect.

2. How to check which KTV wireless microphone is in use. When two or more handheld wireless microphones of the same model are used at the same time in a performance, each wireless microphone should be marked with a different color in order to prevent misoperation, and the mark should generally be affixed to the bottom of the handheld wireless microphone. It is not easy to hold the microphone Where it is blocked, the channel corresponding to the microphone on the mixer should also be marked or marked with the same color as the microphone. In this way, even if the actor mistakenly took the wireless microphone, the operator can correct it in time when the program host introduces the actor or when he plays (plays) the song. In addition, you can also use the color microphone dust cover to mark, which can not only eliminate the "puff" and "pop" sounds, but also mark the microphone, which is really two birds with one stone. Especially when singing duets or repetitions, it is more important to adjust the volume and tone of each microphone in time according to the color code. For bodypack wireless microphones, in order to prevent wrong picking, you can set the number or color of each microphone transmitter first, and set the person and set before the performance. If there are several programs that need to be used alternately, just in case, you can After each alternation, a dedicated person will perform the registration of man and machine, and inform the operator of the registration to avoid operational errors.

3. What to do if there is no sound in the wireless microphone performance. In performances, singers always use handheld wireless microphones alternately. After using some actors, they may unconsciously turn off the power of the wireless transmitter or turn on the microphone mute switch to make the microphone in a mute state, so that the next actor When using this wireless microphone, there will be embarrassing scenes of no sound from the wireless microphone, which not only affects the performance mood of the actors, but also affects the audience's interest in watching, and may also catch the operator by surprise. This must be taken seriously. In order to prevent the wireless microphone from being silent, the operator should fix the power switch of the wireless microphone transmitter and the microphone mute switch, which are more exposed, with tape before the performance. It should be used at all times, so that the wireless transmitter and microphone are always in working condition to ensure the normal performance of the performance.

4. The battery problem of KTV wireless microphone. It is best to use alkaline 9V batteries when conditions are available when purchasing. In the normal use of wireless microphones, audio signal distortion or frequency interference occurs from time to time due to insufficient battery. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the operator can use the PFL pre-listening function of the mixer in a timely manner during the normal use of the wireless microphone, and use headphones to monitor the signal of the wireless microphone. If the sound clarity is slightly reduced or the noise is slightly increased , The battery should be replaced immediately, so as to avoid the psychological pressure of the operator due to insufficient battery energy as much as possible.

5. How to make the KTV wireless microphone play the best timbre effect. The correct method is to receive the power of the receiver and audio system through the wireless microphone, and after setting the audio system level (0DB or +4DB), turn on the power amplifier to the maximum output, and at the same time set the main output volume of the mixer at 0DB, turn on the power of the wireless microphone transmitter, then set the audio output gain of the wireless microphone transmitter at 70%~75%, and set the channel potentiometer of the wireless microphone input channel on the mixer at 0DB; finally Carefully adjust the input gain of the mixer, and if necessary, adjust the audio output gain of the transmitter in small increments until the microphone effect is satisfactory.

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