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Key points for purchasing dynamic microphones

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Every music performer should have a dynamic microphone that suits him. Speaking of dynamic microphones, SHURE, Beyerdynamic, CAD or Audio-Technica are all very well-known big labels, and even the Queen's SENNHEISER is also on the list! But how to choose a dynamic microphone that suits you from the big brands, you must do your homework before you know.
Key points for purchasing dynamic microphones
Then we continue to look at the main points of choosing a dynamic microphone!
Among many brands, you will find that some dynamic microphones are cheap, but they are favorite products of musicians all over the world. However, it should be noted that even a highly rated dynamic microphone may not be suitable for everyone, because its characteristics are different. The next purchase points will be explained in detail for the characteristics of dynamic microphones. .
1. Decide on the type of microphone
Type of microphone
The dynamic microphone has a low sensitivity to high-frequency audio, which will reduce the volume of high-frequency audio, and has better processing capabilities for low- and mid-range audio, making the sound stable and warm. Therefore, dynamic microphones are not so suitable for those who want to show high pitch or want the penetrating power of the recorded sound.
But dynamic microphones are not unusable for music, but there are other types of music that they are good at. For example, it is used for recording concerts, live performances and occasions where continuous speech is required. In addition to audio that can withstand high pressure, some brand models can also be used to record high tension instruments such as drums or guitars.
Please note that if you want to express an air-like sound field and perform without plugging in, the detailed sound to be presented will require high fineness. At this time, the condenser type will be more suitable than the dynamic microphone.
2. Expected sound performance
Expected sound performance
Generally, after the recording is completed, it must enter the program of audio source editing, for example, it becomes the final product after mixing. Because the use of dynamic or condenser microphones for recording will produce different sound sources. For audio engineers, when dealing with these sound sources, as long as the sound is somewhat different, it will be very troublesome, so be sure to record Try to avoid such a situation.

If your requirements for treble are very prominent, loud, and clear tension, dynamic microphones cannot achieve the quality of condenser microphones; on the contrary, if you want the sound to sound very stable, warm and resistant to listening, move Circle style is the best choice.

3. The occasion and purpose of use
Condenser microphone
Readers who read this article may be engaged in live music activities. As we mentioned earlier in the article, the sensitivity of condenser microphones is very strong and not suitable for live performances. The dynamic microphone can withstand the strong sound field of a live performance, and is not easy to receive ambient sound, noise or noise, and can output the sound in the most stable way.
The dynamic microphones that will be introduced in this article are very affordable. The average price is between NT$1,000 and NT$6,000. Don’t think that cheap is not good, because many world-class professional performers are using it. It's very convincing at one point!
4. The difference of directivity to pickup
Dynamic microphone
The dynamic microphones that are often recommended are mostly unidirectional, and unidirectional is divided into cardioid and super-cardioid. The characteristic of this unidirectional microphone is that the sound is picked up, which will only be picked up by the front or center of the microphone head. As for the ambient sound and noise from the sides or surroundings, it will be avoided.
The pickup range and ability of the supercardioid will be larger than the pickup range of the cardioid. But it's not that super-cardioid orientation is better, but it depends on the needs of the performer and singing habits.
to sum up
The above is the knowledge shared by Baiyue Street on the "Dynamic Microphone Purchase Strategy". I don't know if it will help you. I sincerely hope that you can find your own best microphone after clearing the customs and understanding this article. After all, the microphone has been used for several years, carefully selected so that future performances will be the best concerts!

Next, let's take a look at which microphones are used by professional music masters! It is introduced in the order of "Dynamic Microphone Brand Ranking", but because each person's voice characteristics and purpose of use are different, please refer to the above shopping points in detail to choose the most suitable microphone.

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