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Eight advantages of condenser microphones

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-02-27

There are roughly five types of microphones: dynamic microphones, condenser microphones, electret condenser microphones, MEMS microphones, ribbon microphones, and carbon microphones.

Today, let’s find out why condenser microphones (hereinafter referred to as condenser microphones) can stand out and become the most common type of microphone.
Condenser microphones use changes in the size of capacitors to convert sound signals into electrical signals. This kind of microphone is the most common, and the common built-in microphone of a recorder is a condenser microphone.
The structure of condenser microphone:
The composition of the condenser microphone: 1. Acoustic wave 2. Vibrating membrane 3. Substrate 4. Battery 5. Resistance 6. Output signal.
Condenser microphones do not have coils and magnets, and rely on the change of the distance between the two diaphragms of the capacitor to produce voltage changes. Because the condenser microphone needs to maintain a fixed plate voltage, this type of microphone requires additional power to operate.
As the most common microphone on the market today, the many advantages of condenser microphones are beyond your imagination!

1. The best design principle that can directly convert sound into electrical energy signal

Acoustics experts take the pursuit of "reproduction of the original sound" as the highest level of audio! From the analysis of the basic design principles of the microphone, it is not difficult to find that the condenser microphone not only relies on the precision mechanism manufacturing technology, but also combines complex electronic circuits to directly convert the sound into Electric energy signals have inherently superior characteristics, so they are the best choice for those who pursue "reproduction of the original sound".

2. Can show the characteristics of original sound reproduction

3. Has an extremely wide frequency response
Because there is no voice coil load on the diaphragm, an extremely thin and light design can be used, so not only the frequency response is extremely superior, but also has excellent sensitivity, can sense extremely weak sound waves, and output the clearest, finest and accurate original sound!

4. Has ultra-high sensitivity

5. Fast transient response characteristics
When using a handheld microphone, the touch noise caused by contact with the palm of the hand makes the original sound mixed with additional noise, which has a huge impact on the sound quality, especially for wireless microphones with preamplifier circuits, so the touch noise becomes a judge of the quality of the microphone. Important project. From the perspective of physical phenomena, the goose feathers fall to the floor like the copper plate. The goose feathers can hardly hear the falling sound, while the copper plate is very loud, indicating that lighter materials have less impact than heavier ones. In the same way, the diaphragm of a condenser microphone is relatively light, and inherently has the excellent characteristics of "ultra-low touch noise".

6. With ultra-low touch noise characteristics

7. It has the characteristics of drop resistance and impact resistance
Because there is no voice coil load on the diaphragm, an extremely thin and light design can be used, so not only the frequency response is extremely superior, but also it has excellent sensitivity and can sense very small
Condenser microphone adopts ultra-thin diaphragm, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high sensitivity and superior frequency response, so it can be designed as an ultra-small microphone (commonly known as little bee and little ant) for a wide range of applications

8. It has the unique advantages of small size and light weight

Main application scenarios
Because condenser microphones have many advantages and are practical, there are many application scenarios for condenser microphones.
In addition to being used in various professional vocal singing, film and television, studio recording, and instrument pickup, condenser microphones are also widely used in professional conferences. Therefore, condenser microphones have become one of the most widely used microphones on the market today. .
After reading the above series of advantages, I believe everyone understands why condenser microphones are so popular.
However, even though there are so many advantages of condenser microphones, it also has its own disadvantages.
Because the environmental sound field easily affects the sound pickup effect, the condenser microphone is very easy to collect external noise. As a result, the condenser microphone has higher requirements for the use environment. In addition, the structure of the condenser microphone is relatively complicated, the cost is relatively expensive, the sound film is fragile, and it is afraid of moisture, so it needs to be kept carefully.

These shortcomings of condenser microphones can be said to be flawless.

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