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Why are dynamic microphones so easy to get fans

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-02-26

Most people probably know that microphones are roughly divided into five types: dynamic microphones and condenser microphones, electret condenser microphones, micro-electromechanical microphones, ribbon microphones, and carbon microphones. The most common ones are condenser microphones (hereinafter referred to as condenser microphones) and dynamic microphones (hereinafter referred to as dynamic microphones).

Today, I will mainly explain how dynamic microphones make fans.
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First, let’s understand from the perspective of craftsmanship, what is a dynamic wheat?
The basic structure consists of three parts: coil, diaphragm, and permanent magnet. When a sound wave enters the microphone, the diaphragm is vibrated by the pressure of the sound wave, and the coil connected with the diaphragm starts to move in the magnetic field. According to Faraday's law and Lenz's law, the coil generates an induced current.
The magnitude and direction of the induced current change, and the amplitude and frequency of the change are determined by the sound wave. This signal current is amplified by the loudspeaker and transmitted to the speaker, and the amplified sound is emitted from the speaker.

What are the fascinating charms of dynamic wheat?

1 The high frequency sensitivity is low, and the environmental requirements are not high
Compared with condenser microphones, the high-frequency sensitivity is lower, and dynamic microphones cannot pick up ultra-high-frequency sound. Therefore, we often don’t need to use a sibilizer, so even in noisy environments (KTV, outdoor etc.) It can collect human voices better, and the sound is softer, which is very suitable for recording human voices.

2 strong and durable
The moving coil microphone has a firm structure and does not have high requirements for the use environment. It is not as fragile as a condenser microphone and is easily affected by damp and bumps. The frequency characteristic is good, the amplitude-frequency characteristic curve is flat in the frequency range of 50-15000Hz, so the dynamic microphone has low noise, no DC working voltage, easy to use, stable and reliable performance.

3High performance-price ratio
The structure of the moving coil microphone is relatively simple, so it is economical and durable. They can withstand extremely high sound pressure, are hardly affected by extreme temperatures or humidity, and have a long service life. There are many use occasions: outdoor performances, speeches, KTV, webcasts, etc., moving coil microphones can meet these needs.

What is the current market distribution and development direction of dynamic wheat?
The dynamic microphone is one of the first microphones used. For more than half a century, although its principle has not changed, its performance and technical indicators have been greatly improved. The performance of high-quality dynamic microphones has been greatly improved. Because it can withstand extremely high sound pressure, is almost unaffected by extreme temperature or humidity, and has many applicable scenarios, it occupies a certain position in the microphone market.
Since the 21st century, the people's demand for entertainment and recreation in our country has continued to increase. The popularity of KTV across the country, outdoor activities, conference broadcasts, and other microphones have also been increasing. In recent years, the rise of webcasting is also a market we need to pay attention to. Therefore, microphones need to develop in a more diversified, portable, and light-weight direction.
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