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Eight taboos of using microphones

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-02-25

If a singer on the stage wants to use the microphone to reproduce the beautiful original sound of the singing, he must first learn the correct posture to hold the microphone. Below, the editor will share the taboos for microphone use, come and take a look!
Do not remove the battery when the microphone is not used for a long time
Today's wireless microphones or conference microphones require battery power. If the microphone is not used for a long time, the battery should be removed to prevent battery leakage and corrosion of the microphone.

Avoid placing microphones randomly
The microphone is a precision device. It should be placed in a clean, dry, and non-corrosive place. It should be handled with care to avoid falling on the ground, otherwise it will be easily damaged.

Avoid blindly adding phantom voltage to condenser microphones
Since the capacitor of a condenser microphone needs to be polarized to work properly, when using a condenser microphone, a phantom voltage must be added. We must turn on the phantom power switch on the mixer and pay attention to the voltage value and polarity at the same time. Otherwise, it will not only fail to operate normally, but may cause damage.

Don't tap the microphone or blow into the microphone during the sound test

Because the microphone's pickup part is more sophisticated and its components are delicate, tapping the microphone or blowing into the microphone can easily cause damage or component displacement, which ultimately affects the sound quality.

Avoid the mouth is too far or too close to the microphone head (the best distance when the microphone picks up is: dynamic microphone core 3-5 cm, cardioid condenser microphone core 8-10 cm, super cardioid condenser microphone core 10- 13 cm)
Some "leaders" speak far away from the microphone, and some singers are close to the microphone, which will cause the pickup sound to be too small. At this time, if the volume fader is pushed up, it will easily cause howling; The sound of airflow was also picked up, making a "pupu" interference sound.

Wired microphones do not pull the leads of the microphone
Don't pull the lead of the microphone when submitting the microphone. Because the microphone has a certain weight, the lead wire is often pulled, it is very easy to cause the lead wire to break, the plug contact is not good, and the pickup failure occurs.

Do not turn off the microphone power after use
After speaking or singing in a meeting, you should turn off the microphone switch in time to prevent other noise from being picked up on the one hand, and on the other hand to play out some unnecessary speeches.

Avoid using your mouth against the microphone head
Some people do not pay attention to or pursue a close-talking effect when using it, and they will put their mouths against the microphone head. This not only destroys the normal frequency response of the microphone, but also causes a great hidden danger to health. There are many germs on the microphone net cover.

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