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The advantages and selection principles of condenser microphones

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1. The best design principle that can directly convert sound into electrical energy signal
Condenser microphones use the principle of capacitor charging and discharging between conductors. Ultra-thin metal or gold-plated plastic film is used as a vibrating film to induce sound pressure. The static voltage between the conductors is changed directly into electrical energy signals, which are practically coupled by electronic circuits The output impedance and sensitivity are designed.

2. It can show the characteristics of "reproduction of the original sound"
The audio experts take the pursuit of "reproduction of the original sound" as the highest level of audio! From the analysis of the basic design principles of microphones, it is not difficult to find that condenser microphones not only rely on precise mechanism manufacturing technology, but also combine complex electronic circuits to directly convert sound into electrical energy signals. They have inherently superior characteristics, so they become a pursuit. The best choice for those who reproduce the original sound
The diaphragm of a dynamic microphone is loaded with a voice coil that is hundreds of times heavier than itself. The diaphragm of a condenser microphone has no load.

3. Has an extremely wide frequency response
The diaphragm is the main component of the microphone that senses sound and converts it into electrical energy signals. The material and mechanism design of the diaphragm are the characteristics that determine the sound quality of the microphone. Since the diaphragm of a condenser microphone can be made of extremely thin materials, and the induced sound pressure is directly converted into an audio signal, the frequency response of the bass can be extended to ultra-low frequencies below 10Hz, and the treble can easily reach tens of KHz Ultrasound, showing very broad frequency response characteristics!

4. With ultra-high sensitivity

Because there is no voice coil load on the diaphragm, an extremely thin and light design can be used, so not only the frequency response is extremely superior, but also has excellent sensitivity, can sense extremely weak sound waves, and output the clearest, finest and accurate original sound

5. The fast transient response characteristic (TransientResponse) is an innate winner
In addition to the characteristics of the diaphragm that determine the frequency response and sensitivity of the microphone, the ability to respond to sound waves, the so-called "transient response" characteristics, is one of the most important factors affecting the sound of the microphone. The speed of the microphone's transient response characteristics is determined by the weight of the entire diaphragm. The lighter the diaphragm, the faster the response speed. The extremely thin diaphragm of the condenser capsule has extremely fast transient response characteristics, which can show clear, bright and powerful sound and precise audio and video. In particular, the mid and bass have no sound staining and "box sound" at all, and the treble is delicate and crisp, which is the most significant feature of the capacitive sound. It can be clearly seen from the following figure that the transient response characteristics of the condenser capsule are much better than those of the moving coil.

6. It has the characteristics of ultra-low touch noise (HandlingNoise), which is the most appreciated feature by audio experts
When using a handheld microphone, the touch noise generated by contact with the palm of the hand makes the original sound mixed with additional noise, which has a huge impact on the sound quality, especially for wireless microphones with preamplifier circuits. Therefore, touch noise is a judge of the quality of the microphone. Important project. From the perspective of physical phenomena, the goose feathers fall to the floor like the copper plate. The goose feathers can hardly hear the falling sound, while the copper plate is very loud, indicating that lighter materials have less impact than heavier ones. In the same way, the diaphragm of a condenser microphone is relatively light, and inherently has the excellent characteristics of "ultra-low touch noise".

7. It has the characteristics of drop resistance and impact resistance
It is inevitable that the microphone will malfunction or abnormal due to accidental drop and collision. Since the condenser capsule is composed of lighter plastic parts and a strong light metal shell, the impact force of falling to the ground is small, and the failure rate of damage is low

8. It has the unique advantages of small size and light weight
Condenser microphones have the characteristics of small size, light weight, high sensitivity and superior frequency response due to their ultra-thin diaphragms, so they can be designed as ultra-small microphones (commonly known as bees and ants) for a wide range of applications.

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