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About the characteristics of condenser microphones

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① Ultra-thin diaphragm, with high sensitivity characteristics!
The diaphragm of the moving-coil sound head is loaded with the voice coil, and its thickness is limited to a certain extent, and it is slow to weak sound. The number of voice coils is also limited to a certain extent, and the output sensitivity is difficult to improve. The diaphragm of the condenser capsule can be designed to be extremely light and thin, and the thickness is only one-tenth of that of the moving coil type. It has excellent sensitivity, can sense extremely weak sound waves, and output the clearest, delicate and accurate original sound!

② The characteristic of ultra-low touch noise is the most appreciated characteristic by audio experts!
When using a handheld microphone, the touch noise caused by contact with the palm or tapping makes the original sound mixed with additional noise, which has a huge impact on the sound quality and becomes an important item for judging the quality of the microphone. The condenser capsule adopts an ultra-thin diaphragm, which inherently has the excellent characteristics of "ultra-low touch noise", even without any shock-absorbing suspension mechanism, it can perform better than the dynamic capsule! .

③ The best design to directly convert sound into electrical energy signal!

Condenser microphones use the principle of capacitor charging and discharging between conductors, and use an ultra-thin diaphragm to induce sound pressure, which is directly converted into electrical energy signals. Unlike moving coil microphones, using electromagnetic principles, a voice coil is mounted on the diaphragm to induce sound pressure. The principle of indirect conversion from voice coil to electrical energy signal is completely different. It is the best sound head design in pursuit of "reproduction of original sound".

④ The fast transient response is an innate winner!
In addition to the characteristics of the diaphragm that determine the frequency response and sensitivity of the microphone, the ability to respond to sound waves, the so-called "transient response" characteristics, is one of the most important factors affecting the sound of the microphone. The speed of the microphone's transient response characteristics is determined by the weight of the entire diaphragm. The lighter the diaphragm, the faster the response speed.
The diaphragm of the condenser capsule is extremely thin and has extremely fast transient response characteristics, so the bass is thick and has no box sound at all, the midrange is strong without coloration, the treble is clear and delicate, showing bright and powerful, it is a condenser microphone sound The most significant feature.
The moving coil diaphragm carries an extremely heavy voice coil. Generally speaking, it is about hundreds of times heavier than the capacitive diaphragm, or even nearly a thousand times heavier. Therefore, in terms of transient response characteristics, a moving coil microphone is just like The truck is equipped with a fully loaded Tractor-Trailer, and the condenser microphone is like an unloaded sports car. Even if the two cars have the same horsepower, the flexibility to accelerate, start and stop shows completely different dynamic characteristics. .

⑤ The capacitive sound head has an extremely wide frequency response!
The diaphragm of a condenser microphone can be designed to be extremely thin and light because it does not have a loaded voice coil or anything. It can sense sound waves in the full range and directly output audio signals, so the frequency response extends from ultra-low frequencies of several Hz to ultra-low frequencies of tens of KHz. Sound waves, showing very broad frequency response characteristics! As for the moving coil type sound head, because the diaphragm is equipped with a voice coil that is several hundred times heavier than itself, the output of the high range is attenuated as the frequency increases; the low range is because the voice coil cuts the magnetic field between the magnetic gaps. As the frequency decreases, the output speed and impedance are relatively attenuated, so the frequency response characteristics present a difficult technical bottleneck.

⑥. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, drop resistance and impact resistance!
It is inevitable to use the microphone to cause malfunction or abnormality due to accidental drop and collision, but the condenser capsule has a lighter structure and lower impact force when dropped to the ground, and the failure rate of damage is lower. Due to its small size, light weight, high sensitivity and superior frequency response characteristics, it is most suitable for the design of ultra-small microphones with a wide range of applications, such as lavalier or head-mounted microphones that use condenser capsules to show the best characteristics.

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