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Understand what is a condenser microphone?

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Many people in modern society like to sing and relax in their leisure time. Then the microphone becomes an indispensable item. So how much do you know about microphones? Next, the editor will give you some popular science.

The concept of condenser microphones
Condenser microphone is an electronic product used in radio devices. It can reduce noise generated by high-frequency signal radiation during transmission and improve the clarity of audio signals. In addition, there are two small metal plates inside the condenser microphone, one of which is coated with polyperfluoroethylene propylene, which is a kind of film and is directly connected to the ground; the other plate is on the gate of the transistor, When the microphone is working, it can avoid the voltage increase caused by the bypass capacitor and the microphone signal output. Using this working principle, the purpose of reducing high noise caused by high-frequency signal radiation is achieved.

Features of condenser microphones
1. It can directly convert sound into electrical energy signal
Condenser microphones use the principle of capacitive discharge between conductors, relying on the ultra-thin metal plastic film to sense the sound pressure of the vibrating membrane, which is used to change the electrostatic voltage between the conductors, and then through the electronic circuit, the static voltage is directly converted into an electrical signal.

2. Can show the characteristics of original sound reproduction
Most of the workers in the audio industry take the realization of "reproduction of the cause" as the highest goal of their work. Through the analysis of the design principles of condenser microphones, we can find that condenser microphones have sophisticated mechanical manufacturing technology on the one hand, and use complex electronic circuits on the other to directly convert sound into electrical energy signals, which has the innate realization of "reason reproduction" Specific advantages.

3. Has ultra-high sensitivity
Because there is no voice coil restriction on the diaphragm, the condenser microphone uses an ultra-thin metal plastic film, which not only has superior frequency response, but also has good sensitivity. It can sense weak sound waves, and then transmit clear and delicate sounds.

4. Has anti-drop and impact resistance characteristics
I believe that when you sing in KTV, the microphone in your hand will inevitably fall or hit the table and cause it to malfunction. However, because the condenser capsule is made of lighter-weight plastic parts and a strong metal shell, even When the microphone falls on the ground, the impact force is less, and the probability of damage is low.

5. Small size and light weight
Condenser microphones use ultra-thin diaphragms, which have the characteristics of light weight, small size, and high sensitivity.

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