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What are the advantages of condenser microphones

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-02-24

Condenser microphone is a device that uses internal devices and structures to convert sound signals into electrical signals according to changes in the size of its capacitance. Condenser microphones are the most common and common type of microphone and are installed in various recording equipment such as recorders. They are all condenser microphones. They are very popular on the market, and their popularity has never dropped. So what are its advantages?

1. The sound signal is directly converted into an electrical energy signal
The condenser microphone has the basic function of a microphone. When it is in working condition, it can quickly capture sound signals and convert the sound signals into corresponding electrical signals.

2. Original sound reproduction
Condenser microphones have extremely high reproducibility to the user's voice when recording. The recorded sound and the original sound are very good in terms of sound quality, volume, and timbre.

3. Broad frequency response

The diaphragm is an important element of the microphone. Its main function is to sense the sound signal. In a condenser microphone, the diaphragm can be made of extremely thin or ultra-thin materials. Therefore, the condenser microphone has the corresponding frequency of the sound. Very broad, able to recognize sounds of a very large range.

4. Ultra high sensitivity
Inside the condenser microphone, the diaphragm does not add a voice coil, so it is less restrained by the voice coil, and the material constituting the diaphragm is extremely thin or ultra-thin lightweight material, which makes the sensitivity of the diaphragm It has greatly improved, so the condenser microphone can recognize the sound with low loudness.

5. Fast transient response characteristics
The characteristics of the diaphragm not only affect the above two performances, but because of its strong sensitivity and wide frequency response, its response to sound will also increase, no matter how weak the sound released by the sound source is, capacitive type The microphones can be identified quickly and accurately.

6. Has ultra-low touch noise characteristics
In addition to the above characteristics, Chaobo's ultra-light material diaphragm can greatly reduce the amount of noise and loudness, which is extremely important for the recording effect of the microphone.

7. Impact and drop resistance
Condenser microphones are small and light, and the materials made of them are very resistant to falls. Therefore, condenser microphones have good drop resistance and impact resistance. Generally, they will not be damaged when dropped from a high place, and they can basically be used normally. .

8. Small size and light weight
Condenser microphones are small in size and light in weight, making them very easy to carry around.

9. Suitable for mounting on wireless microphones
A combination of condenser microphones and wireless microphones will be the best recording effect. At present, many music producers generally choose this combination when recording or other activities.

The advantages of condenser microphones have brought great inspiration and convenience to the field of recording. It has gradually developed into the mainstream of the recording market.

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