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The use of microphone taboos, did you get it?

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-02-06

If you want to be a singer, you need to have a better voice. How to use the microphone flexibly and get the right knowledge of how to use it is also important and will help improve your tone performance.

(1), taboo and microphone "kissing"
And the microphone "kissing" is a common habit of many people, some people feel clasped to the microphone intimately put their mouths on it singing very handsome. In fact, with the mouth stick to the microphone destroyed the microphone normal frequency, on their own health is not good, the microphone cover has a lot of germs.

(2), do not pat the microphone or blow air to the microphone
See this, I believe a lot of people will tongue at first glance, this small action is the habit of too many people. The pick-up part of the microphone is more precise, and not quite more expensive, patting the microphone or blowing air to the microphone are easy to cause the microphone components to shift or damage.

(3), taboo microphone at will
Don't look down on the little microphone, in fact, its equipment is very sophisticated. The microphone should be placed in a dry, clean, non-corrosive gas or dust place, but also pay attention to be careful to take lightly. So the microphone placed in the KTV room for a long time in a dark environment is easy to "sick", to take out the microphone from time to time to "breathe the fresh air."

(4), for capacitive microphones, do not blindly add phantom voltage
Because the capacitor of a capacitive microphone requires polarization to function properly, phantom voltage must be added when using a capacitive microphone. We must turn on the phantom power switch on the mixer and pay attention to the voltage value and polarity, otherwise, not only can not be used normally, may cause damage.

(5), do not avoid the microphone from the source too far or too close
The optimum distance for microphone pick-up is about 10 cm. Some of the "leadership" speech is far from the microphone, some singers stick to the microphone, too far caused the sound of pick-up is too small, when such as pushing the volume pusher up is very easy to cause whistling;

(6), do not use the microphone for a long time, do not exit the battery
Now the average wireless microphone or conference microphone requires battery power. If the microphone is not used for a long time, the battery should be withdrawn to avoid leakage of the battery, corrosion of the microphone.

(7), do not turn off the microphone power after good use

When speaking in a meeting or after singing, you should turn off the microphone switch in time, such as the voice controller also did not turn off the mixer volume pusher in time: on the one hand, other noise also picked up, on the other hand, you also some unnecessary speech play out. President Bush had one such experience, causing embarrassment.

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