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What do you want to see if you want to pick a good quality microphone?

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For those who do not have experience or expertise, want to enhance the quality of the sound, the choice of better results of the microphone, in the face of a full range of audio equipment, the price difference is not only a few hundred pieces, in addition to listening to the recommendations of previous generations, you may wish to know more about some of the "factors" affecting the price and quality, and why the use.

For professionals, the quality of the sound determines the quality of the entire project. When a very high standard is adopted in the production of a film, there will be no "post-rescue sound" behavior, because the sound must be valued in the pre-job. Microphones can be said to be the key equipment in sound work, of course, than tangled in enough good enough this thing, it is better to choose the right wheat for their own, to do this, you have to start from understanding the differences.

The so-called microphone's pointing refers to the sensitivity of the microphone to sound in different directions and angles, in a simple way, that is, the microphone in different directions to receive the degree of volume, the common types are: all-directional, heart-shaped, gun-shaped and super-heart-type.

Starting with the basic recording, each microphone has its own polarity to determine the coverage of the sound. The common heart-shaped microphone, so the name implies, from the microphone position to draw an inverted heart shape, is its angle range, mainly concentrated in the front, the rear is almost not covered. The super-heart type has narrow direction and noise resistance, but the sound over a short reverse distance is also included, so you need to pay attention to the problem when installing a listening device behind the microphone. The 10-way microphone, on the other hand, averages all sounds by 360 degrees. For cinematographers or YouTubers, the most commonly used top microphones are heart-shaped or super-heart-type, and may also use super-pointing gun-type microphones, which are not used unless you want to include live sounds from in-room group discussions or meetings.


Microphones also have a included volume range, which we call the frequency difference, which is dynamic range. Microphone parameters are commonly labeled Max SPL and E.I.N (sound pressure and undersonic noise), the former minus the latter is the dynamic range of the microphone, such as Max SPL 140 dB SPL, E.I.N 16 dB, that the range is 124 dB. If the bottom noise is too high, the sound is weak, you must be very close to the source, otherwise below the bottom noise you simply can not include. Conversely, if you're going to record in front of a percussion instrument, you're going to have a relatively high sound pressure tolerance. So of course the wider the dynamic range, the better, but it may also be reflected in the price.

In addition to the above, in fact, there are some detailed specifications, such as sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, polarity, impedance... If you are interested, you may want to study it in depth. In addition to these conditions affecting sound quality, we must also take into account factors such as weight, volume, whether power supply is required, and there are still gaps between the same price and class microphones in each home.

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