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Advantages of capacitive microphones

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Convert sound directly into electrical signals
Capacitive microphone is the use of capacitive charge and discharge principle between conductors, ultra-thin metal or gold-plated plastic film for vibration film induced sound pressure, in order to change the static voltage between conductors directly converted into electrical signals, through the coupling of electronic circuits to obtain a practical output impedance and sensitivity design.

Can show the characteristics of the original sound reproduction
Sound experts to pursue the "original sound reproduction" as the highest state of sound! From the analysis of the basic design principles of the microphone, it is not difficult to find that capacitive microphones not only rely on sophisticated mechanism manufacturing technology, but also combined with complex electronic circuits, can directly convert sound into electrical signals, innately has excellent characteristics, so become the pursuit of "sound reproduction" the best choice.

Has an extremely broad frequency response
Vibration membranes are the main components of microphones that sense sound and convert to electrical signals. The material and mechanism design of the vibration film are the characteristics that determine the sound quality of the microphone. Because the vibration film of the capacitive microphone can be made of extremely thin material, and the inductive sound pressure is converted directly into audio signals, so the frequency response bass can be extended to ultra-low frequencies below 10Hz, the treble can easily reach tens of KHz ultrasonic waves, showing a very wide frequency response characteristics!

Ultra-high sensitivity
On the vibration film because there is no sound ring load, can be used in an extremely light design, so not only the frequency response is extremely superior, but also has excellent sensitivity, can sense very weak sound waves, output the clearest, most delicate and accurate sound!

Fast transient response characteristics
In addition to determining the frequency response and sensitivity characteristics of the microphone, the ability to react quickly and slowly to sound waves, the so-called "instantaneous response" characteristic, is one of the most important factors affecting the tone of the microphone. The speed of the instantaneous response characteristics of the microphone is determined by the weight of the entire vibration film, the lighter the vibration film, the faster the reaction speed. The capacitive head's extremely thin vibrating film provides a very fast instantaneous response that provides clear, bright and powerful tones and precise sound. In particular, the middle and bass completely no sound dye and "box tone", high-pitched delicate and crisp, is the most significant color characteristics of capacitive. It is clear from the drawings below that the instantaneous response characteristics of the capacitive head are much superior to those of the dynamic ring.

Features with ultra-low touch noise
Touch noise generated by contact with the palm of the hand when using a hand-held microphone allows the original sound to mix up additional noise and have a huge impact on sound quality, especially for wireless microphones with front-lying circuitry, so touch noise becomes an important item in evaluating the merits of the microphone. From the physical phenomenon of the study, goose hair and copper plate also fell to the floor, goose hair can hardly hear the sound of falling, and copper plate is very loud, showing that lighter materials are heavier impact sound. Similarly, capacitive microphones have lighter vibratory membranes and are innificantly characterized by "ultra-low touch noise".

It has the characteristics of fall and impact resistance
The use of the microphone is not avoided due to accidental drop collisions resulting in malfunctions or anomalies. Since capacitive sound heads are made up of lighter plastic parts and a sturdy light metal housing, the impact force of falling to the ground is small and the failure rate of damage is low

Small in size and light in weight
Capacitive microphones can be designed for a wide range of applications as ultra-small microphones (commonly known as bees and ants) due to their ultra-thin vibration film, which is small in size, light in weight, high in sensitivity and superior frequency response

Ideal for assembly on wireless microphones

Capacitive microphones have the above excellent characteristics, become the audio engineering experts and singers favorite, and wireless microphones in the stage singing or singing karaoke at home, has become the trend of today's world, wireless microphones because they can provide capacitive head required bias, and has the full advantages of capacitive microphones, become the digital audio era, professional audio experts dream of the best microphone.

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