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Maintenance of capacitive microphone techniques

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If your area may be more humid during the season, open capacitive microphones try to find a free-form box, such as a small shock-proof box. Put some moisture-proof beads inside, if the desiccant is wet, it means that the humidity is too big, open the microphone hood, check the metal inner wall for moisture. If there is moisture in the inner wall of the microphone metal, use the hair dryer to dry, and then plug in the device after 10 minutes of power testing.

When you use the microphone, it is recommended to use the table frame primarily to avoid holding the wheat in your hand for long periods of time, creating sweat that can affect the microphone.

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Rain and dust protection
Rainwater is the natural enemy of capacitive microphones, and the diaphragm of capacitive microphones accelerates corrosion of metallic materials due to water, and shorts the internal circuit conductors. Don't rush into the box at the end, apply a hair dryer to dry it before you put it in.

Pay special attention to the wire pull when not mixing the microphone holder. Impacts can cause reduced or even damaged sensitivity of capacitive microphones.

For many vacuum tube microphones, it takes a while to warm up before reaching optimal working conditions. Microphone manufacturers often advise you to warm up your microphone for periods from 2 or 3 minutes to 15 minutes. So once you turn on the microphone, keep it working until the end of the recording.

Pay attention to using Cannon plugs
Proper use of Cannon plug, sometimes temporarily add or replace the microphone, pick up Cannon head on the pull and plug, easy to twist or break three feet.

Avoid hot-swap operations

Most capacitive microphones sold on the market are powered by phantom power, which means that most are connected to the mixer via a microphone cable. So you should try to avoid hot-swappable microphones, and frequent large voltage fluctuations can significantly reduce the life of the microphone. So try to connect the microphone to the mixer before starting a channel, and then turn on the power. If your vacuum tube microphone can be connected directly to the power supply, it is equally important to avoid hot-swap. Do not turn on the microphone's power switch between you connecting the microphone to the mixer.

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